Morehouse Foods, Inc.

Morehouse Foods, Inc.

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Morehouse Foods, Inc., based in California, was founded in Chicago in 1898 by Miles and Lou Morehouse. When the family moved to Los Angeles in 1913, Morehouse became the first West Coast mustard manufacturer. In 1919, the Latter family became partners and opened a second Morehouse plant in Emeryville, California. Horseradish was added to the product line and Morehouse became the first to process and package horseradish for mass distribution in the West.

In 1969, the Latter had complete ownership of the company. In 2003, Morehouse purchased Atomic Food Products.  Today, ATOMIC Horseradish Sauce is the chef’s favorite at many of the nation’s leading restaurants.

Morehouse horseradish and mustard products are widely distributed throughout the western U.S. and exported around the world under the Morehouse and Atomic brands

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