Silver Spring Foods, Inc.

Silver Spring Foods, Inc.

2424 Alpine Road
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703
Phone: (715) 832-9770
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Silver Spring Foods, Inc. is the World’s largest grower and processor of horseradish. A family business for over 90 years, Silver Spring takes great pride in the quality horseradish they grow and prepare for retail, food service, private label, and industrial markets.

Silver Spring was founded in 1929 when Ellis Huntsinger started growing horseradish and other vegetable crops on a few acres of land near Eau Claire, Wisconsin. In those days, he bottled horseradish by hand and sold it locally to supplement his income during Wisconsin’s cold winter months.

Today, Silver Spring grows horseradish on over 7,000 acres of farmland, bottles horseradish in a new state of the art facility and distributes a wide variety of horseradish products nationally. Silver Spring maintains the highest quality product by refrigerating its horseradish from field to factory and from production to your local grocer.

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