Selecting Horseradish Products

Selecting Horseradish Products

Horseradish appears in a variety of products in the supermarket and in specialty food shops: Basic prepared horseradish is the grated prepared horseradish root mixed with distilled vinegar. Spices or other ingredients may be added (such as salt, sugar, cream or vegetable oil) to enhance and protect flavor.Horseradish Products

To relish the full flavor of processed horseradish, it must be fresh and of high quality. Color varies from white to creamy beige. As processed horseradish ages, it browns and loses potency. Replace with a fresh jar for full flavor enjoyment. To keep it hot, keep it cold.

Varieties of prepared horseradish include Cream Style Prepared Horseradish, Horseradish Sauce, Beet Horseradish and Dehydrated Horseradish. Distinguishing characteristics may be ingredients or texture — fine or coarse ground. The true horseradish enthusiast has several favorites, depending on the end use.

Cocktail sauce with prepared horseradish is another winner, and has many uses beyond its usual role, as a flavorful accompaniment for seafood.

Mustard with prepared horseradish also adds a rich and spicy zing to cold cuts or hot entrees.

To savor horseradish at its best:

  • Buy only the amount you will use in a reasonable time.
  • Keep it in a tightly covered jar in the refrigerator to protect freshness.  Horseradish that remains unrefrigerated gradually loses flavor.   Remember:  To keep it hot, keep it cold.
  • Serve the desired amount of horseradish in a glass or ceramic bowl (it tarnishes silver), returning the tightly closed jar to the refrigerator immediately.