Dot’s Passover Horseradish Mold

Number of Servings: 8-12

Try this Passover recipe, along with other horseradish recipes for a Passover menu, including Herbal Beef Marinade and Zippy Salmon Quenelles.

2 Boxes Lemon jello
1 Medium Can whole beets
1 Small Head cabbage
1 Slim Jar red horseradish

Coarsely grate the beets and set aside. Finely shred cabbage to make 1-1/2 Cups and set aside. Save the liquid from beets and add enough boiling water to make a total of 3 Cups of liquid, and dissolve the lemon jello. Chill until just firm. Fold in beets, cabbage and all the horseradish. Transfer to a decorative jello mold and chill until ready to serve.