Number of Servings: 30

2 pkg. sliced imported Danish ham
1 Lg. pkg. cream cheese
1 bottle white horseradish

Mix horseradish with slightly softened cream cheese. Lay two slices of ham adjacent on serving tray. Spread horseradish mix onto each slice of ham to a 1/8” thickness. Lay another slice of ham on each and repeat twice more. Top with a fourth slice of ham on each. Refrigerate to make firm. Insert toothpicks into corners of each layered stack and in the center of each short side. Insert toothpicks into the centers of each long side, then in between each center and corner of each long side. Slice with sharp knife in between toothpicks, making a grid of 15 pieces for each stack. Insert remaining toothpicks and serve with vegetable flavored crackers.