Salmon with Horseradish and Chive Butter

Number of Servings: 2

2 (6-oz.) salmon filets
1 Tbsp. prepared horseradish
½ C. chopped chives
½ Lb. unsalted butter
1 C. short grain white rice

Preheat broiler. Cook 1 C. rice according to package directions. Place butter in a pan on medium heat and add horseradish, slowly melt butter while infusing horseradish flavor. Place aside. Season salmon with salt and pepper and place on oiled grill pan in broiler. Cook to desired temperature, 3 minutes on each side for rare, 4 minutes for medium rare, 5 minutes for medium and 6 – 7 minutes for well done. While salmon is resting, reheat horseradish butter and stir in fresh chives. Place ½ rice in each of two bowls, top with salmon and cover in horseradish and chive butter.